Send Emails At Scale, That Actually Get Delivered With Lead Engines.

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With Lead Engines, you can automate your email marketing and create personalized, highly-targeted campaigns that will increase your email signups, sales, and lead conversion rates. That’s not all, here’s what else you can do with LeadEngines…

Bring Your Own
Email Service.

Never rely on one email provider again. Connect multiple ESPs, MTAs, or SMTPs in one place. We allow you to connect with the most popular vendors or use your own SMTP.

We currently support Amazon SESSendGrid, MailGunElastic EmailSparkPost, and SMTP.

Multiple Lists.

Manage multiple lists in one place. Each with their own brand, domains, segments, stats, and more. Even use different SMTP relays for each or split sending across multiple.

unlimited subscribers
email list management

Unlimited Subscribers.

Collect or import as many contacts as you want, at no extra cost. You can also bulk import, export, subscribe, unsubscribe, copy, delete, or move across lists, with no restrictions.


Create segments within your lists to engage with subscribers & leads based on their actions and custom rules.

email segments

Send 10x

We don’t charge you to email your subscribers. 

Send emails at scale without the higher markup costs. As low as $0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send with our direct SMTP and MTA integrations.

*Lead Engines pricing is separate from your email sending costs.


Control your reputation and reach the inbox. Enjoy higher inbox placement without sharing IPs with bad senders.



With built in-tracking, just add a small snippet of code to any site and track revenue or any custom goal from your email sends.

Track Your Results.

Detailed reports to measure opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and more in one place.

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email templates

Pro Level Templates.

Create email campaigns faster. Choose from our professional & customizable email templates.

Build Beautiful Emails.

Build beautiful & professional emails with ease using our drag-and-drop editor. No developers or coding skills needed. 

drag and drop email editor


Automatically generate mobile-friendly emails or edit your way with our easy-to-use editor.


Create custom fields and tags to send targeted & personalized email messages.

leadengines email automation

To Lead.

Build custom automated lead engines to engage with leads faster and reduce your lead response time.

See What Contacts Are Up To.

View what your contacts are up to in our detailed timeline and take action based on their activity.

leadengines stats
leadengines insights

Automation Insights.

Our built-in insights allow you to track the results of your automation campaigns along the way.

Follow Up.

Automatically engage with & update your leads based on their actions and sequences.

marketing automation actions
email api


Use our API to manage lists, subscribers, and communicate between your favorite apps.

Plus Some Extra Features To Make Your Life Easier.

The LeadEngines platform is a truly scalable email marketing & automation solution for businesses that want to scale.

Lead Engines helps you grow your business by engaging with leads and converting them into customers. Our Lead Engines marketing & automation tools equip marketers to send highly personalized emails and automate your follow-up.

Here is everything that the LeadEngines platform can do for you.


Multi-List Sending

Bulk importing & exporting


Email scheduling


Bulk subscriber confirmation

Bulk subscriber copy & move


Blacklist domains or emails

Single or double opt-ins

Include & exclude lists

Email split-testing


Weekly & monthly recurring emails

date based emails

Birthday & date-based emails


Add attachments to emails​


Email merge tags


Bulk Email verification


Sending rate adjustments & Routing


Bounce, complaint & unsubscribe handling

email gdpr compliance

GDPR compliance

Multi-language support​

Is LeadEngines Right For You?

Lead Engines is a software for online marketers and entrepreneurs that helps them to generate more leads and grow their business. Lead Engines offers tools and services that include email marketing, lead generation, an automation platform, and many more.

If you’re read to put automated Lead Engines to work for you, sign up for a free demo account below and we’ll get you set up.

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