5 Good Reasons Case Studies Are The Perfect Lead Magnet

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So you want more leads huh?

If you want to attract more qualified leads into your business, case studies are the way to go.

Here are 5 good reasons why…

1. Attract Similar Customers

Using case studies will attract similar customers into your lead engines.

To use a fishing analogy, case studies are the perfect bait to lure in the same type of fish you’re trying to catch.

Let’s say your business serves Chiropractors. You could create a case study showing how you helped a chiropractor grow their business using your services.

If you promoted this to chiropractors, you would attract other chiropractors who want the same results or better.

The key is to make sure to feature a case study that is relevant to the same type of client you want to attract.

Don’t get too vague or generic with your case study.

Be specific in who you want to target to make it more effective.

2. Social Proof

Let’s be honest, your potential customers or clients want results. That’s all they care about.

So, by using a case study as your primary lead magnet, you can provide social proof that you can provide the results they seek.

This is a great way for you to tap into human nature to eliminate the risk for your target customer.

Most people don’t want to be the first to try something. So help them get over that fear by showing proof with a case study.

3. Credibility

A case study provides credibility for your business. It shows that you have already helped others achieve the result they want.

Rather than telling them, show them.

It’s much easier to sell this way. Rather than force or chase your clients, you can bring them to you with proof.

4. Lead Quality

Quality is king.

Having a targeted prospect who actually wants your product or service.

The quality of your lead is more important than just lead data.

Any business knows that having a highly targeted lead who is interested in their service, is better than having just a name, email, and phone. You should also know your cost per lead.

That’s why case studies are so awesome.

They help you attract quality targeted leads rather than just cold info.

5. High Value

This is important. Your case study should provide value.

Make sure you feature a case study that gives your target a good idea of what they can expect while delivering them real value. In doing this, you will build goodwill with your potential customer before money ever exchanges hands.

It’s a simple but effective way of giving value first before asking them to buy your stuff.

Try Case Studies

If you’re not sold on using case studies yet then give it a try yourself.

As we like to say here at LeadEngines…test everything!

Create a case study video, PDF, or blog post and share it with people in your target audience.

See how they respond and add it to your lead engines to attract and convert more customers.

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