About Us

We’re LeadEngines.
We build tools & services to keep your calendar full and your sales teams happy.

At LeadEngines, we are a team of digital marketing experts, designers, funnel hackers,  engineers, and paid ads specialists.

We’re passionate about building amazing tools & services to produce leads and sales for our customers to generate more leads with less headaches.

We combine software, with high-level service to make your life easier.

Beyond software, we also help you generate leads & customers with targeted traffic to your Lead Engines.

In a nutshell, we take away all the headaches involved with setting up funnels, dealing with techy stuff, and even help you get traffic if you need help with that too.

All of this put in one simple, and effective package we call LeadEngines.

Meet The Team


Antonio Rillera


Antonio started his career as a graphic designer  for clients including Gloria Jeans Coffee, Coca Cola, The US Army, Pfizer, and Wells Fargo. Since then he’s designed and developed hundreds of conversion funnels that have generated millions of leads in over a dozen industries.


Joanna Acosta


Joanna is our chief operating officer and runs the day-to-day operations.  She has in-depth experience in lead management and email marketing after managing thousands of email campaigns for executive clients in multiple niches and industries.


Travis Yang

Media Buyer

He started creating websites as a hobby during college around 2006. He then learned SEO and delved in Affiliate Marketing. It was during his days as an affiliate marketer that he started to optimize his own ad campaigns and websites to achieve ROI for himself. At LeadEngines, he helps make it rain when it comes to paid advertising campaigns for our clients.


Gerald Chan

Media Buyer

He started his career at SmileGate & StreetSmart Marketing (Australia’s #1 business coach) Gerald is passionate about paid advertising and entrepreneurship for the younger generation. He heads up our paid advertising efforts here at LeadEngines helping create profitable Facebook campaigns.


Daniel Jao


Daniel has a background in developing software solutions in the Fortune 500 B2B space, as well as banking and service provider applications, for nearly a decade. He is the brains behind our platform and helps manage all development efforts.


Axel Trujillo

Lead Designer

Axel is our lead designer and manages design & branding here at LeadEngines. When it comes to creating design assets for our client campaigns or creating user interfaces that are both beautiful and functional Axel never fails to amaze.

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