Add a tracking domain

Important: If you are using an API service such as SendGrid or MailGun, we do not recommend using this tracking domain feature. Services like SendGrid and MailGun automatically create tracking links for you and LeadEngines will use those links automatically in your emails.

If you are using your own SMTP or service that does not create tracking links, you can use this feature to customize your outbound links with your own domain.

This will replace the default app.leadengines.com URL with your own and improve email sending also.

Setting up a custom is simple. Follow the steps below to set up your own tracking domain:

Step 1 – Add A New Tracking Domain #

In the main LeadEngines menu click Sending, then click Tracking domains.

Then click Create Tracking domain.

Enter your tracking domain in the empty field. We recommend using a sub domain like track.yourcompany.com.

Note: We also recommend using HTTPS if possible to avoid any insecure links in your emails.

Step 2- Verify Your Tracking Domain #

Your domain has been added, but now we need to verify it. Go back to tracking domains and click View next to the new tracking domain.

Next, download the .zip file provided.

Upload the files in this folder to your hosting account and click test tracking domain to verify.

That’s it, you’re all set for tracking!

Updated on May 3, 2022