Add a new tracking domain

In order to track clicks with a unique domain inside of LeadEngines, we recommend setting up a new tracking domain. This will replace the default leadengines URL with your own. Follow the steps below to set up your own tracking domain.

Add a new tracking domain

In the main LeadEngines menu click Sending, then Tracking domains.

Then click Create Tracking domain.

Enter your tracking domain in the empty field. We recommend using a subdomain like

Note: We also recommend using HTTPS if possible to avoid any insecure links in your emails.

Verify your tracking domain

Your domain has been added, but now we need to verify it. Go back to tracking domains and click View next to the new tracking domain.

Update your DNS records in your domain or hosting account with the info provided by LeadEngines.

To do this, simply add a CNAME record for your tracking domain pointing to in your domain or hosting account similar to the example below.

Go back to LeadEngines and click Refresh now to confirm your domain has been connected.

You’ll see a green confirmation meaning you’ll all set!

You can now use this tracking domain to replace the LeadEngines default link in your emails when sending campaigns.

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