Add a Sending Domain

In order for LeadEngines to properly send and track emails on your behalf, you’ll need to add and verify your sending domains. Below are the quick steps to add a new sending domain to LeadEngines.

Add a new sending domain

In the LeadEngines top menu select Sending, then click Sending Domains.

Click the “New sending domain” button.

Enter your domain in the empty field.

Enable domain signing

This option is set to enabled by default. If you prefer not to sign outgoing emails in the FROM address then you can turn this off, but it is not recommended.

Add your DNS records

Next, you need to update your DNS records on your domain or hosting account with your TXT records provided by LeadEngines. Most domain or hosting providers allow you to do this quickly under their domain settings.

Example of adding a TXT record in a hosting account:

Verify Your Domain

Once you’ve updated your domain or hosting account click Verify Now in LeadEngines.

You should see all three green verified boxes if you’re set up correctly.

That’s it you’re ready to send with this new domain!

Note: Don’t forget to add your email address to LeadEngines also to ensure the best delivery.

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