Add email verification services

Adding new email verification services is easy using LeadEngines. Follow the steps below to add your favorites services. If you are on a plan that supports unlimited verification servers, you can add as many as you want!

Click here to view the full list of email services we integrate with.

Add an email verification service #

1. From the main menu, select Sending, and then click Email verification Servers.

2. Then select the “Create new” button.

3. Choose an email verification service from the list of available options.

4. Name your email verification anything you want.

5. Enter your API key from the service.

6. Set a checking limit. This can be set to anything you want, but in case your service has a limit then you can adjust that here to match. The configuration setting below allows you to set a limit on email verification speed. For example, to limit verification speed to 2,000 emails every 5 minutes, you can set Limit value = 2000, Limit base = 5, and Limit unit = minute.

7. Save and you’re done!

You will now see your email verification service in the list.


Updated on May 3, 2022