Emailable Integration

If you want to verify emails with Emailable, this can be done quickly and easily inside of LeadEngines. You can verify a single email or in bulk for an entire list.

Add an email verification service #

1. From the main menu, select Sending, and then click Email verification servers.

2. Then select the “Create new” button.

3. Choose Emailable from the list of options.

4. Name your email verification anything you want, but we recommend Emailable to make it easy for you to identify later.

5. Login to your Emailable account, and click API from the menu, then click Get Started.


6. Name your API key LeadEngines and leave it as Private.

emailable api key

7. Leave Trusted IP Addresses blank, leave Key Type as “Live Key“, and click Save.

emailable live key

8. Copy your API key from Emailable


9. Go back to LeadEngines and enter your API key.

10. Set a checking limit. This can be set to anything you want, but in case your service has a limit, then you can adjust that here to match. The configuration setting below allows you to set a limit on email verification speed. For example, to limit verification speed to 2,000 emails every 5 minutes, you can set Limit value = 2000, Limit base = 5, and Limit unit = minute.

11. Save and you’re done!

You will now see your email verification service in the list.


Verify a single email #

1. Go to Leads to view your lists.

2. Click subscribers from the dropdown menu or click the subscriber count on your list.

3. Click the email you want to verify.

4. Scroll down to the email verification options. Select your email verification service.

5. Click verify and the verification status will update and show you the result based on the service you use.

6. If you made a mistake, or want to verify the same email again, you can select the “Reset verification data” option.

You can also see the verification status under each contact.

Bulk Verify Emails #

1. Go to Leads to view your lists.

2. Select Email verification from the drop down menu next to the list you want to verify.

3. Select the email verification service you want to use from the list.

4. Click “Start verification process”.

5. The system will verify all the emails in the list. This can take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the list size.

6. Once the verification is complete, you’ll see a success message.

7. That’s it! If you go back to your verification section you can see the stats of your verification.

You can also see the verification status under each contact.

Updated on May 3, 2022