MailGun Set Up Guide

Setting up MailGun to work with LeadEngines is quick and easy. There are still a few things to make sure you check to ensure it’s all working correctly. Follow our guide below to start using MailGun with LeadEngines today.

Create Or Sign In To Your MailGun Account #

The first step is to sign in to your MailGun account or create a new one.

Add Your Sending Domain #

1. In the MailGun menu, go to Sending > Domains.

2. Click Add New Domain

3. Add your domain to the blank field (We recommend using a sub-domain such as mg.mydomain.com for easier to set up and deliverability).

4. Select your region and IP settings (optional)

5. Click the Add Domain button.

6. Verify your domain by updating your DNS records.

Note: Follow the instructions in MailGun to verify your domain with your DNS providers such as Godaddy, Namecheap, or another platform.

MailGun has a step-by-step walk-through and video walkthrough here.


Add Your API Key To LeadEngines #

1. In your MailGun account–go to your MailGun API Key settings here.

2. Copy your API Key – Your API key is hidden for security, so click the small eyeball icon to reveal it.

3. Go back to your LeadEngines account, select Sending > Sending Servers.

4. Click the New Server button

5. Select Mailgun API from the options

6. Paste your MailGun API key into the API key box.

  1. Add the remaining details
  2. Name – Name your sending server anything you want (only you or your team will see this inside of LeadEngines).
  3. Domain – Add the same domain you verified in your MailGun account. (ex. mg.yourcompany.com)
  4. Hostname – This is the same US or EU server you selected in MailGun.
  5. Default FROM email address (optional) – You can set the default from address to send from.

The final should look something like this:

8. Set your sending credit limits

If you have only 1 sending server you can select Unlimited. Otherwise, you can assign a certain amount of your credits to use for this sending server only if you are using multiple sending servers such as multiple MailGun accounts, Amazon SES, SendGrid, etc.

9. Save

10. Test your setup

To test your account set up and make sure everything is working, go back to your sending serve, and click the Test button to open a test pop up.

Then enter the email you want to send a test from and to. Feel free to enter any subject line and content for your test.


That’s it! You have now connected MailGun to LeadEngines.

Don’t forget to verify your domain inside of LeadEngines before you start sending.

Updated on May 16, 2022