Review: How We Use Emailable To Improve Email Deliverability

emailable review

Want to improve your email deliverability?

Keeping your list clean is crucial to having a high deliverability rate.

If you send emails out to a list, then you already know how important clean data is. Whether it’s an email list of subscribers, or even sending out cold emails, having valid emails can be the difference between reaching the inbox or being doomed to spam.

In this article, we’ll deep dive specifically into why Emailable is our new favorite email verification tool.

Why Verify Emails?

Verifying emails is essential to keeping a clean email list and improving your email deliverability. Even if you’re getting your email sign ups and using confirmed opt-ins, your list can grow stale.

Every day, people change or delete their emails. If you send to stale emails, your bounce rate increases, which affects your email reputation score.

So maintaining your list regularly is key to ensuring your email deliverability is optimal.

How Often Should You Clean Your List?

We recommend using a monitoring system (Emailable offers this) to maintain and clean your list automatically. However, if you prefer to clean your lists manually, we recommend at least once per month minimum.

Most ISPs recover old emails and recycle them for spam traps. Spam traps include recycled old emails that sit on your list. If you email these, it signals to the ISP’s that you aren’t cleaning up your list often.

Enough of these, and you could get blacklisted.

Verify Single Emails

If you need to verify a single email only, Emailable makes this super easy.

Just login to their app, click the email verifier tool, and enter the email you want to verify.

email verifier

Simple, fast, and effective. Just how we like it.

Faster Bulk Email Validation

If you’re like us, and need to validate lots of emails, the the bulk validation tool is the way to go. Emailable makes it super easy to validate multiple emails fast.

Just sign in and click get started:

emailable import

Select a source and import your email list to verify emails right away.

email lists

Again, very easy and even connects to your favorite tools.

The Emailable team is working on adding more direct integrations, but if your email platform isn’t available yet, you can upload a csv file from your computer or copy & paste a list.

Email Validations Through API

Their email API is the part we love the most. For any developers out there, they offer a simple and powerful API that gets the job done.

Their API docs are also straightforward and easy to understand. It allowed our team to integrate Emailable into our platform for our users.

We created an API key and integrated it with our app to validate emails:

email api

After validating, Emailable gives you an accurate report of verified emails, deliverable, risky, undeliverable, and unknown.

Emailable + LeadEngines Integration

We have also developed a direct integration with Emailable to allow our users to verify emails right in the LeadEngines platform.

Step 1 – Add your API key

Just enter your API key from Emailable and you’re ready to verify.

emailable leadengines integration

Step 2 – Verify emails

Then under your email list in LeadEngines, select the Email Verification option and choose Emailable from the drop down options:

leadengines emailable email verification

After the validation is complete, you’ll be able to see email status from Emailable directly next to each subscriber:

email validation leadengines

That’s it!

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we love Emailable! With their easy-to-use platform, it’s no wonder why.

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use email validation tool, then try them out.

They currently offer 250 verification credits as well for new sign-ups.


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